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Found deep underground in a landfill, Spectacugames Mega-Pack: 3 in 1 has now been restored to its full glory! Never before seen in public, these cartridges were quietly buried after the company's downfall following their magnum opus, 104 Spectacugames.

Spectacugames Mega-Pack: 3 in 1 features 3 games:

SPORCE - Pilot a sporce-ship and destroy gnarly aliens, are you rad enough to save the world?

ZXJKQY - Run for your life! Dodge the oncoming walls in breathtaking "3D!"

DREAM GIRL - Adventuring has never been more dream-mazing! Reach the exit and leave Dream World!

Buy all 3 games now for only 2 quarters per game!

(only available for Windows at the moment!)
(Epilepsy warning: the game ZXJKQY has intense flashing colours)

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Published1 year ago


Buy Now$1.50 CAD or more

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SpectacugamesMegaPack3in1.zip FOR WINDOWS 4 MB